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Epidural Stimulation

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How Does Epidural Stimulation Work?

The Epidural Stimulation device consists of two components including a neurostimulator and a 16-plate lead electrode array.This device will be surgically implanted on the posterior structures of the lumbar spinal cord, where it will apply a continuous electrical current that will be delivered to the electrode. The compromised nerve signals originating from the brain will be amplified and redirected to the Spinal Cord tissue below the injury level, thus, allowing the possibilities of regaining voluntary movements and restoring the lost functions.


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Epidural Stimulation

The Breakthrough Procedure for Spinal Cord Injury patients

Epidural Stimulation is opening the dooors to a world of unimaginable possibilities for Spinal Cord Injury Patients. Being the most advanced treatment available, Epidural Stimulation has helped all of our Spinal Cord Injury patients regain valuntary movements and body functions. Already approved by the FDA for trials, this treatment is marking a breakthrough begining. IBS & Unique Access Medical is proud to be one of the first to have made it available for paients worldwide.

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Epidural Stimulation

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